Covid-19: Conspiracy President Donald Trump And The New World Order.

In what seem to be one of the many objectives of the Illuminati and those behind the coronavirus and the emergence of a New World Order is to get President Donald Trump voted out of power in this year’s presidential election.

They feel sparking off a massive recession and crashing the American and world economy would cause great impact as a disadvantage.

They also want as many people in America to die from coronavirus as plot for some serious blame game on Trump.

Knowing how smart Trump is he’s taken proactive measures to forestall more casualties taking care others who are not infected with the dreaded viral disease also making provision that will take care of all US citizen by signing the biggest CARES Act approving about $2.2 Trillion US dollars to its citizens.

In his word he tweeted “I just signed the CARES Act, the single biggest economic relief package in American History – twice as large as any relief bill ever enacted. At $2.2 Trillion Dollars, this bill will deliver urgently-needed relief for our nation’s families, workers, and businesses.”

To Trump I say the following: It is the Lord that makes a leader and you are one of God’s chosen leader of this era much as the enemy plots so shall you receive the wisdom to counter what ever negative vices that comes your way.

You cannot be removed, displaced or replaced and you cannot be disgraced out of office because the you are a true leader chosen by God.

You will win a second term, you will win it BIG and you will finish the good work that you have started.

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