Nnamdi Kanu Live Broad Cast Via Radio Biafra On The 29th March, 2020 Warns About COVID-19

The Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu last night raised alarm about a Lebanese who was in a hotel in Aba for couple of days. The Lebanese showed symptoms of the COVID-19 and was rushed to a hospital.

Nnamdi Kanu in the same broadcast last night made it clear in his word “the hotel is in Aba south east Nigeria named Hotel Du Golf Aba Abia State. A Lebanese man displayed symptoms of coronavirus. The man came in two days ago showing coronavirus signs was taking to a hospital, the Lebanese was not able to tested to confirm if he has the coronavirus, he was then taken to another hospital still was not able to be tested before been sent to Lagos.”

He also passed a strict warning to the hotel that they must come out with a statement and tell the public that the whole environment of the hotel has been disinfected. Nnamdi Kanu warned that coronavirus is very real and very deadly, all precautions must be taken.

This radio broadcast was live via Radio Biafra on the 29th march, 2020.

Also featured in the broadcast was Mazi Chidi Edoziem who’s voice was played from a recording reeled out plans on how IPOB intend to help alleviate the sufferings of the people in the south east.

Chidi Edoziem said Equipment will be supplied to take care of mostly the vulnerable people and the aged because.

He listed they will provide basic necessities such as

1. Testing kits,

2. Mobilize people to mount major food centers.

3. Funds shall be available and distributed through religious leaders

4. Flyers shall be produced loaded with information in educating people about the dreaded diseases.

Mazi Chidi Edoziem, encouraged all to be steadfast and as usual adhere strictly to safety tips as it is the only way to curb and prevent contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

It is clear that the coronavirus is no joke and Nigerians need to be on the strict measures because Italy is suffering the most and no one knows which other country may suffer it proper measures are not taken.

All hands must be on deck as it concerns every one even the most prepared nations are not finding it easy Africans must sit up and sit in doors.

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