Breaking News: Massacre In Southan Kaduna,Government Goes Deaf

With the continuous bloodshed no Government is talking about this Evil going on in south Kaduna what trouble do we expect more…


This isn’t the first, Second or even the third time, These people get attacked almost every week and it’s like no action has been taken against these barbaric attackers, We can not stay stay silent on local issues.

One begin to wonder the reason and the motive behind the senseless killings living families to lament and mourn over their loved ones. These are humans and not animals, so it is important and high time the government look into the erroneous killing in the Southern Kaduna.

49 people injured,
66 persons kidnapped,
111 houses burnt,
32 villages destroyed
And about 20,000 people homeless.

All of this from January 2020 to date in Adara community of Southern Kaduna.

Just one community, too many killings where else should they run to if the community is not their home.

Breaking News: Massacre In Southan Kaduna,Government Goes Deaf


Please lend your voice.
Stop the killings in Southern Kaduna.

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