Sex Romp Puts Married Man In Coma With His Confused Married Lover

Sex for adult is said to be respected for married couple and not to cheat on their partners. The case is not the same for this two lovers

A married woman has gotten herself into serious trouble after she visited her married partner in his house.

She lamented that she wanted going to the market but was convinced by the man and she followed him to his house.

Reports gathered that the married man collapsed after sex romp with her. The lady however denied having anything to do with what happened.

She pleaded innocence while regretting the fact that she left her kids at home to visit him, only for him to collapse after sex.

She also begged eye witnesses not show share the video on facebook and to allow her go back to her house and take care of the kids she left at home as she is a married woman.

The victim was subsequently rushed to the hospital on a bike.


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