Obaseki Must Come Up With A Plan B

It is very likely that Obaseki should come up with a plan B because it will be very wrong if he Obaseki should allow Oshiomole to go on with a big smile and feel like one undefeated god.

Obaseki’s faithful supporters are expecting him to come up with a plan B, fighting a man like Oshiomole in a party he controls you don’t expect to get justice.

Like his Special Adviser stated in a comment “It is unfortunate that this open show of shame, illegality and travesty of justice is the brand of democracy, which Comrade Oshiomhole has reduced the APC into. The situation is quite saddening, because this is a party supposedly reputed for change, equity and social justice”

Oshiomole stood for every thing wrong because he has never been a good example with all the power he wills around himself one would wonder what will happen if he is made the president of this country, perhaps we would see fire and brimstone.

In a sane society Oshiomole ought to be in jail because he has questions to answer.

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