And Obaseking Joins PDP Who Wins This Battle Remains A Mirage

Should Obaseki be referred to as king? However the story goes the end must justify the means. Oshiomole lost his reings of power as the APC chair and Obaseki is still in power.

Before Obaseki left the ruling party, it was not certain what party he may want to join even though PDP was visible the party he may join.

shortly after his visit to Gov. Wike of Rivers state that he made his renouncement from the APC and today he declared his joining the PDP as Edo state was originally a PDP state.

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Oshiomole was just a benefactor of the due process reform that went on then.

Could this be time for Edo State to return to its original party? this remain a question to be answered.

Details shortly.



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