Yerima And The Ethnic Fumes Of Divide What Hope For A Nation

Yerima Shettima blows hot, says “Nothing will ever make an Igbo man to rule this country, they are not loyal” This is with strong affirmation and promoting ethnic divide.

~ Yerima Shettima

The President of the Arewa Northern Youth Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima has declared that no Igbo person will ever rule Nigeria.

Shettima made the assertion while briefing the press men on the current issues ravaging the country, especially in this COVID 19 Pandemic and the major roles played by the different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

According to him, “We are facing a very serious deadly challenge in the country now that has put so many lives to danger and many has lost their lives too as a result of the Corona virus pandemic.

“Most ethnic groups we have in Nigeria played prominent roles in the fight against the COVID 19 outbreak but it’s obvious that the only tribe that contributed nothing or less in this fight are the Igbos and they are busy warming up to come and rule Nigeria.

“We all saw how the Igbos rejected the Almajiris, the Fulani herdsmen and never wish to see them in their land, yet they want to come to our own land and rule us. We’ve concluded it that no Igbo man will ever rule this country, because they are not loyal and even if we give them an opportunity, they will turn Nigeria upside down.

“Anyone of them who wants to come out for President should come out and face the highest humiliation he has never seen before, because we Northerners will never vote for an Igbo man as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” he said

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