Tears Of A Lady Longing For True Companionship

Love story and silent tears of a single lady in the dark, heralds packs of emotions tearing through a lonely soul full of compassion. Beckons true compassion in a world of men.

You promised to see her parents as soon as you’re back, Unfortunately you came back and changed your line..

She didn’t force you to come and see her people, but you did and after that day, you never came back, the annoying part is up till now you haven’t told her what she did.

You slept with her and went at her back to tell your friends ” that babe nah giver’ thereby painting her a harlot.

You will send a lady to go and see your parents even when you’re outside the country. The next day you will start demanding for nude and sex video.

You have been dating a lady for 1 to 2 years, sleeping with her, using her as a wife, immediately marriage is mentioned. You said your pastor or one woman of God said she is not your wife..( she will bring you back luck if you marry her) but you forgot you have been sleeping with her ooo

After 2 to 3 years of a relationship, you said your people doesn’t marry from her community.

You know you’re married, yet you keep lying to her that you’re single, only for her to find out the that you’re married with kids..

You’re in a relationship with someone, you just woke up one day and stop calling without no reason..

You have two Facebook account, one is where you celebrate her, another is for another lady..

You’re outside the country; you told her to wait for you but you came back and married another.

Year in Year out you’re making promises, and the poor lady will keep waiting.. Later you will tell her ” if you see someone else you can marry”

You have the heart to engage two ladies in one month, even at the end you will marry none.

You met on social media handle, after all the constant calls and video calls…. Immediately you met in person, you stopped calling..

You met a lady today, within few days you started demanding for sex, if she said No! “You told her she is not serious”

Just because she slept with you now you feel that how she sleeps with every man.( sex isn’t love)

You claim to be in a relationship with a woman, yet she is the one that calls and care for you it’s not a bad thing for a woman to care for a man she love but the man should care more.
The worst of it is that one woman isn’t enough for you..

How can you claim to love a woman, and you call her ones in a week , sometimes you don’t even call ( Tears of a single lady)

When a woman is begging “attention ” from you, you’re indirectly telling her you are not the one for her.

If our fathers and mothers behaved in this manner, many of us won’t be in existence..

Be honest with your intention.
Don’t be the reason for her tears.
If you’re not ready; hide your face..

Before you do that to any girl think about your sisters for those that have. I love my friends.

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