Praying Against The god’s How Right Or Wrong?

Notably, there has been some cries lately of different happenings in families across Africa, some see it as challenges that goes with new innovation of times while some think other wise.
Some people largely believed that the cause of their challenges is as a result of the doings of their ancestors in line with the practices obtainable as of then and therefore have resorted to praying against the spirit of their ancestors.
Some may see it as a laughable development praying against the ancestors rather than appeasing to their spirits for even better protection and life blessings.
Come to think of it. The food we eat today in Igbo land was found by our ancestors,name them, Apku,Ji Ede,Onugbu soup, Egwusi,Oha,Ukwa and many more that can not be mentioned here.
The present generation is yet to invent any other food apart from the ones they left behind by the ancestors and tomorrow someone will be praying against his Ancestors.
The lands we inherited from them, The towns and villages we live in were founded by them. How then can present day generation who have been brainwashed use those things and still pray against those that left it for them? hmmm food for thought.
Even the Holy Book made it clear that we should honour our fathers and mothers so that our days maybe long and it shall be well with us.
How then and why are we getting it twisted? Perhaps those challenges was even as a result of disobeying the ancestors. Who knows? Words for ponder!

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