Quest For Odinala Practice In Igbo Land

It is no more news that there is a rejuvenated interest among young Igbo men/women towards ‘Ọdịnala na Omenala’, which was the religion and tradition of our ancestors – those who paved the way for our noble bloodline.

This near-exodus of Christianity by many of us has been frowned upon by many of our fellow youths, but more so, it has been most disappointing to our parents who brought us up in the ways of Christianity (which most of them adopted out of rebellion against the ways of their grandparents and parents).

The same pain our great grandparents felt when their grandchildren hugged Christianity (in the early and mid 1900s), is the same pain our parents are feeling now that our generation is going back to Ọdịnala na Omenala. The same heart break and feeling of betrayal our great grandparents (and grandparents) felt when our parents jettisoned the religion and culture that kept our race for thousands of years, is the same heart break our Parents are feeling now that we chose to go back to Ọdịnala na Omenala.

The attack and demonization of the religion of our forebears will not deter us. Our parent’s blackmail will not deter us either. Those who loved and died before our parents have now reincarnated in us and are seeking reparation for the Insults meted on our beautiful ancient beliefs. This revolution is one that has come to stay, and by Chukwu Okike, our generation will take the right steps to return to Ọdịnala na Omenala for good. We shall become a beacon of light for generations to come.

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