Bayelsa In The Eyes Of The Media Before The World

Bayelsa and it’s roadside “lawyers”
There’s so much confusion and misinformation making the rounds in the social media circles with regards to the judicial pandemic concerning the Bayelsa State re-ordered election. The frenzy is at fever pitch.
The media networks are buzzing with trolls igniting fireworks of opinion far removed from the real issues at stake. Too many pocket lawyers are going about inflaming passions. The once enviable, and of course noble profession is at the butt of every snide remark. These roadside lawyers are the vendors of half truth, near truth and no truths. I call them the apostles of myopia.
Listen. You can’t talk of a fresh election when you’ve not exhausted the limits of the judicial process. There are so many legal twists and turns waiting to be explored and clinically too before arriving at a final destination.
It is not yet uhuru, at least not now. Don’t place the cart before the horse. Who does that? The law is a capricious ass. That’s why lawyers watch out for cracks and loopholes in the walls of facts and briefs. Nothing is sacrosanct in legal practice. Let’s save our laughter till another date when the atmosphere is more conducive and palliative are right.
That’s why I am spiffing my objections to uneducated legal stands canvassed on the Internet. Here opinions are two a penny. The truth is emasculated with delight even by educated opinion leaders to sway the minds of the uninformed. More on this later.
Meanwhile, NDU, should please increase the admission quota of potential law students. The present 80 or so persons being admitted yearly has proven to be inadequate. Lets bombard our lanscape with enlightened barristers and solicitors. We sure need it much more now than ever before. It will save us all the troubles of manipulation of facts in issue and above all it will save us the tyranny wrongful misinterpretation of judicial decisions.
Good morning my country people. Haa do. Nua o.

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