The Mali Malians Finally Celebrate True Freedom Of Democracy

With recent events going on in Mali it has come to real existence of taking the bull by the horn.The mali citizens decided to do the right thing by giving themselves true freedom unlike what is obtainable with its African count aparts.

who have practical refused to do what is right and just in given themselves true democracy and freedom as a matter of fact for doing the needful.

The Nigerian government was bold enough to tell the Malians to return to democracy and coup was wrong.

how can this be justified going by the incident that precipitated to the ousting of an elected government but then with the break down of law and order in an elected government in a democratic setting is a taboo to human existence.

comparing to what is currently taking place in Nigeria, one can refer to what happened in Mali as a childs play yet gave room to real democracy in the truest circumstances.

The Nigerian government have no right to condemn or comment of what goes on in Mali but focus more importantly the internal democracy and security well being of its general citizens and peace of the country at large.

The Mali citizens can party so long as there is safety to life and property also of right order in their even if their president was mandated to resign under durex for normalcy to return for better harmonization to foster unity to the entire country.

The Nigerian military should think of what is right for the country particularly when it has to do with saftey and security of the general well being of the entire citizens. Forcing and elected president in a democratic setting may not be right but what is the value of life compared to one man’s interest as the president.

Coup d’etat is condemnable in every sense of it because the end result yeilding is not in line with the interest of the ordinary citizen as not all citizen is trained to be a military personell.

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announced free willed around midnight on Tuesday that he is resigning from his post saying that he does not wish blood to be shed following a military mutiny that plunged the country into a political crisis.

“Today, certain parts of the military have decided that intervention was necessary. Do I really have a choice? Because I do not wish blood to be shed,” Keita said in a brief statement broadcast on national television.

Keita said that he has decided “to give up my duty from now on.”

It is unclear if the military is now officially in charge of the country.

Earlier, Keita and Prime Minister Boubou Cisse were detained by soldiers in a dramatic escalation of a months-long crisis in the country.

The development came hours after soldiers took up arms and staged a mutiny at a key base in Kati, a town close to Bamako.

The soldiers were expected to deliver a statement later, while countries in West Africa, along with former colonial power France, the European Union and the African Union, denounced the actions of the soldiers and warned against any unconstitutional change of power.

The events came amid a weeks-long political crisis that has seen opposition protesters taking to the streets to demand the departure of Keita, accusing him of allowing the country’s economy to collapse and mishandling a worsening security situation.

Mali’s years-long conflict, in which ideologically-motivated armed groups have stoked ethnic tensions while jockeying for power, has spilled into the neighbouring countries of Niger and Burkina Faso, destabilising the wider Sahel region and creating a massive humanitarian crisis.

Earlier on Tuesday, opposition protesters gathered at a square in Bamako in a show of support for the soldiers, while foreign embassies advised their citizens to stay indoors.

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