Delectable Genevieve Glows 10 Years Before And After 10 Years!

10 years ago, Genevieve Nnaji was not married
10 years later, she is still not married
But she is presently the most celebrated lady in Africa now
10 years after, her movie is the most phenomenal and talked about anywhere in Nigeria now…
10 years after, she has become the first Nollywood actor/actress to become a billionaire (Proceeds from movie)
Within the 10 years, she was building herself while waiting for the Mr Right…
And till today, the Mr Right has not come, but she has made better things out of her life…
Trust me, sir.
If you see the number of quality men with good character that are begging to marry her, you will understand the worth of value
Don’t think she doesn’t have need of a man, and don’t think relatives have not started asking her questions why she had not brought any man home yet.
Whatever her reasons, I don’t know
But all I know is that, even if she has entered menopause, many quality men will still be begging to marry her and the menopause like that
Because she has separated herself in the place of value
Sister, that you have not gotten married is not because all the men you’ve met are not interested in marriage.
It is because you have not added value to your life
Ask God to reveal yourself to you
Let him show you what he brought you on this earth to do
You can’t just be waking up and sleeping like that everyday without great things to look forward to
Stop fantasizing about wedding gowns
Stop dreaming about your wedding day that has not come after how many years you have been dreaming
Nothing pains me more than seeing young gurls of “25” and below, shaking their heads during night vigils, for God to give them husband or they will die
Other ladies who are not in church are going from conference to conference.
From training to training
From seminar to seminar
Upgrading their games
But my wonderful sisters in Zion are busy diverting and migrating from church to church…
From prayer house, to prayer house
Buying anointed oil
Anointed mantle
Anointed perfume
Anointed powder
Now, they even have anointed Mary Kay… Lol
Just to attract a husband.
With due respect sister, God is not happy with you
Someone can marry at 22, 23, 24, etc… It’s not a crime
But why will you be comfortable inside prayer houses, at such age, praying for husband
While your mates are inside studios, inside seminar, or inside laboratories, trusting God to give them ideas that will add to their value on this earth
I will talk!
Ahhh, I will talk!
Some parents and some churches in my time have not helped single ladies…
We have told them that once they graduate from tertiary institution, the next thing should be marriage.
And now, when their lives doesn’t go the way we forecasted from the pulpit, we start calling them to come for deliverance…kaii
God is waiting for them inside seminar halls for them to learn things that will make them useful, while we have locked them inside our church halls
Telling them to shout AMEN 7 times so that the husband will come out of the spiritual bottle by fire by force
Their minds are totally programmed to ignore programs that don’t do “churchy things.”
And they’re busy receiving prophecies daily… Prophecies that cannot be preserved in the place of value
What a time we are in…
No generation of church goers have made God to laugh more than our generation in Africa…
Sister, wake up fast!!!!!
Don’t let church give you demons that don’t even know you.
You are not possessed because you have not seen any man to propose to you
It might be that your value has not matched with the value of the people in your circle
Everybody’s time is different
Life is mentored by time and seasons
Because your sisters or friends married immediately after school doesn’t mean everyone will marry the same time
The demons some ministers are chasing out of you are the demons of worry they put inside you.
It might not be any spiritual husband
If you that have been in church still have demons, imagine how many demons will be on a lady that is not close to church
Yet, they marry and divorce and still marry anytime they want to.
Sister, hold your peace
Your time is coming
But go and look for value
God makes all things beautiful in his time
Marriage is not a miracle
It is the practical fulfilment of the word of God over a man and a woman
When a lady is married, she is not the one that should be crying for joy while giving testimony in church.
It is the man that should be thanking God and celebrating that he was lucky to marry you
But when ladies fail to add value to their lives, they now see the man that comes to marry them as if he is doing them a favour
Sister, pray against any power trying to delay God’s will in your life
But don’t be anxious.
You have seen your traditional marriage inside dream
Please, let your dream change this month
There’s nothing wrong giving birth to ideas that will make men honour you this year
It’s not a crime if you add value that will command results this month
Before the husband comes, you can still be a phenomenal influence in your generation.
While you are busy going from prophetic house to prophetic house, another lady, after church service, is busy going from one conference to another conference, from one seminar to another seminar, from one inspiring book to another inspiring book…
Upgrading herself…
Tomorrow, one godly and quality successful man will be begging her for marriage.
Don’t blame God
Value attracts value
Worth cannot repel worth
This month is early enough.
Don’t start being foolish again
You have prayed for marriage this year, and God has heard
Now, start praying for something that will make you relevant in your generation
Enough of wedding dreams this year.
Enough of Prophets and Prophetesses seeing you signing marriage register
This is how many years now, yet, none of those things have come to pass
When your time comes, whether you dream it or not.
Whether you receive prophecy or not, you will marry that quality man God has preserved for you
May you not look for the marriage that will render you useless at home after marriage
May I not catch you mentally idle because you are waiting for a wedding ring
May your marital destiny be fulfilled.
And may your marital destiny not affect your prophetic destiny…
Give us understanding, Lord.

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