The Black Woman As A Demi-god Holding Her own To Warmth

The spirit of the BLACK WOMAN is God. Which ever way you want to see them, probably you may have taken one out of them as your maid and sincerely she served you right despite taking advantage of her yet she laid her loyalty just to you.
For the fact that you did not take advantage of her powers to serve you even better. Regret it now because you lost out on the opportunity.
But if you still got the opportunity then you still got time to make it work for you.

You must understand, the Black Women has possessed a certain powers.

You must harness this powers to get the best out of her.
In the beginning the Black Woman was able to reproduce life by herself.
The Black Woman is the only woman that can give her children melanin, which is condensed sunlight.
Black People are children of the sun, and the sun gives us power and this is the reason why we worshipped the sun and the Black Woman thousands of years ago, before we was brainwashed by the bible to worship Jesus due to slavery.
This is also the reason why evil scientists are trying to block out the sun and the reason for missing Black Women and little Black Girls.
The Bible and Qur’an has also taught us that Woman came from Man but that’s impossible because you can’t get a Wo-man from a man but you can get a Man from a Wo-“Man”.
A man has no womb to reproduce life. The bible and Qur’an has lied to us.
For thousands of years the bible has downgraded the importance of the Black Woman, but without the Black Woman you have no man.
This is the reason why Africa is called the Motherland, because the Black Woman is the mother of all human life !

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