For Raping And Killing A Nurse, He Got The Hang

Living in a crazy world, A man who raped and murdered nurse believing she was a witch has been executed on Tuesday.

In Africa, ‘people stone witches’ but this man believed its best to rape his so-called witch before killing her.

The Ex-soldier William LeCroy, 50, had become obsessed with witchcraft after being discharged from the army and claimed he mistakenly believed victim Joann Tiesler, 30, was a childhood babysitter who had allegedly sexually abused him.

William LeCroy was put to death by lethal injection on Tuesday evening, the sixth federal execution since July after a lengthy hiatus in capital punishment at a national level.

The 50-year-old was pronounced dead at 9.06 pm local time after officials with the US Bureau of Prisons administered him a fatal dose of the barbiturate pentobarbital.

The execution took place in Terre Haute, Indiana and came shortly after the US Supreme Court denied an 11th-hour petition.
Man who raped and murdered nurse, believing She was a witch has been executed

It sought a stay until LeCroy’s principal lawyer – who suffers from a chronic health condition – could travel safely without fear of contracting Covid-19.

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