2023 Presidency: I am Ready To Serve Nigeria If Given The Chance-Okorocha

The former governor of Imo state Rochas Okorocha, has hinted on his interest to run for the presidency in the 2023 presidential election. Okorocha said that his motive for the post is based on the need to deal with the issues of insecurity, poverty, and the return to national unity, The Guardian reports. 

He said:

“My contest for presidency is not just because I want to be president. if am going to be the president for failure or be a president that will not succeed, I don’t want to be a president. But if my presidency will unite this country, then I want to be a president.

If my presidency will address the issue of poverty and insecurity, then I want to be president. If my presidency will address the economy of this nation that we will begin to talk like other developed nation, then I want for be a president. And if my presidency will guarantee education for the poorest of the poor, then I want to be a president. Other than these, hold your president and presidency, I am fine.

” The former governor made it clear that becoming a president has nothing to do with religion or ethnicity.


“I really don’t understand whether people run for president of the federal republic of Nigeria because of where they come from or because of what they can do for the nations – I think these are two different things. “Sometimes, it looks like when we talk about the presidency it looks like the only qualification you have is where you come from or the religion that you belong and not what you can give to the people, this is where I defer.”




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