THE NIGERIA-NIGER RAILWAY PROJECT – FROM AFCFTA POINT OF VIEW: It is so sad and disheartening to see the way we cry over every little thing in Nigeria. Especially when it comes to anything pertaining to the PMB-led APC government, we quickly shut down our brain and engage the gear of sentiments and emotion. You have done this several times and keep failing you. Why must you repeat the same thing over and over again?


Over the week, I have read and gone through several comments and views of people on this matter. It is said that those people you expect to know better displayed first-class ignorance on the issue. And the gullible people quickly swallow their thrash and start crying all over social media.


Many do not know what is happening in Africa at all. They are totally ignorant about the latest development through AfCFTA that Nigeria signed to be part of. That is, an agreement by African countries to develop Africa and link the whole continent together via RAIL, ROAD, and AIR. As at present, to travel, to travel by air to some part of Africa, you must first go to Europe before coming back to Africa. The Africa leaders saw this many years ago and other issues that hinder our progress then decided to correct all the anomalies and project the continent better. AfCFTA which means Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement is to unite Africa, open up the countries of Africa, and promote social and economic integration … that is to say to enhance trade and tourism among Africans in particular.


Nigeria was the 54th country to sign this agreement. Former President Jonathan didn’t sign it in his tenure and PMB inherited it. So, PMB set up a committee of professionals, manufacturers, public officers, etc to look into it and make recommendations.

The committee submitted its report and strongly recommended that Nigeria should sign it. Thereafter, Buhari signed the agreement and setup the National Action committee to implement it.

Unfortunately too many Nigerians, they were engrossed in politics of hate and bitterness, they couldn’t follow what the government was doing. Buhari saw a big opportunity to position Nigeria and keyed into this AfCFTA Agreement fully. That is what led to massive infrastructures you see in Nigeria today, though we lack it too. PMB remodeled SIX (6) International Airport in Nigeria, one per region. That is why you see our Airport taking a new look. Secondly, Buhari announced the VISA ON ARRIVAL policy for Africa countries, and hell was let loose. Unknown to them, this is part of the agreement.

On ROAD infrastructures, PMB also signed contracts to reconstruct all roads leading to Africa neighboring countries … The SEME border inclusive but no noise about that. Cross River Cameron inclusive, no cry about it too.


On RAIL infrastructures, PMB redeveloped our train Network to cover all the 36 states in Nigeria and FCT. Even Ghana has launched him over $20 billion National Rail Network Project … In this RAIL Project, all countries are to develop a link Railway and terminate at each other’s border. Meaning Nigeria will construct their own RAIL on its own soil and have a handshake with the Niger Republic. Niger will construct his own Rail infrastructure and will simply connect or meet at the border. That is what all Africa countries will do. Please take note of this.

Nigeria will benefit economically from Niger and other landlocked countries up North. All their import and export can be handled by our SEA PORTS and transport them through the RAIL up North. It places us on an economic advantage which in turn create more jobs and increase our GDP.

Unfortunately again, Nigerians do not know that there is a book called ERGP (Economic Recovery and Growth Plan) which has been improved upon and called APC NEXT LEVEL AGENDA … It is this Agenda and AfCFTA combined that PMB is implementing jointly, to turn Nigeria into manufacturing and producing nation, a huge Economic Hub for Africa … The creation of massive infrastructures in RAILS, ROADS, SEA, and AIR to move goods around the country and Africa is deliberate to turn things around for Nigeria.

My joy is that PMB does not listen to the unnecessary and distracting cry of babies who are concerned about Milk and cannot reason above “give us this day our daily bread”. Our past leaders didn’t think this way or the loud sentiments and corruption didn’t allow them to implement all these. Today, despite all challenges, Nigeria is moving away from a CONTAINER ECONOMY to a PRODUCTION ECONOMY … When we produce, we must transport the products across to boost our economy. That is the essence of this Niger Railroad project.

Stop listening to those letter writers and rulers who had the opportunity in their times but failed woefully. They are now using the sentiments they created to manipulate the masses against the present government who is working hard to turn things around.

Whether you like it or not, Nigeria is part of Africa and has signed the AfCFTA Agreement. Therefore, implementation is inevitable. Whilst you are busy with the usual sentiments that have been dividing us from ages and hindering our growth, PMB is focusing on the bigger picture: to reposition Nigeria as truly the Giant of Africa.

God bless you, Mr. President
God bless Nigeria.

Nigeria shall be great again, in my lifetime.






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