Coming Up As Nnamdi Kanu Flags Off #EndNigeria Now Protest

Can this water hold? this is a big question making the rounds and a gathering momentum, how then can two protest hold at the same time.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reacted to the trending video of soldiers seen severely torturing a man in an undisclosed location.

The viral video shared on his handle on Tuesday of a particular man suspended I the air with ropes tied around his body and his arms stretched behind.

Beneath the hanging man is a burning flame set proportional to his stomach.

Three soldiers appearing in the footage, speaking fluent Hausa language were hitting the young man one after the other including with different objects including the gun head.

He, however, suggested the protesters channel their energy to #WndNigeriaNow protest given ending unspeakable evils in the country which according to him can not be stopped by disbanding SARS operatives.

In a separate tweet, Kanu condemned the newly introduced police segment, noting that Nigeria is beyond redemption and need end.

He explained that the moment #SARSMustEnd is trending across the globe President Mohammadu Buhari’s led administration came up with SWAT.

He noted that the unit will absorb the disengaged murderers from SARS, described Buhari’s government as ‘Islamist Fulani-infested’.

In the meantime, the Nigeria Police chief has scrapped the anti-robbery unit after a raging nationwide demonstration begun requesting to disband the police fragment.

The disbanded department was accused of extrajudicial killings, intimidation, and humiliation of citizens including involvement in criminal activities.

Several video clips keep surfacing on social media indicating a series of brutalities, inhumane treatment, and general abuse of office by the SARS officers.

The IG, Mohammed Adamu announced a new police unit, Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) to close the of the ended SARS.

SWAT responsibilities range from responding to criminal attacks, weapon-related crime, and rescue.

However, Nigeria residents have thwarted the Police move, classified it as quick, immature, and improper.

Further uproar continues calling to #EndSWAT and reform Police Force.



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