The Smiling Crocodile: IPOB Issues Stern Warning Against Armed Forces Deployment

The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned the Federal Government against deployment of the Armed Forces, which it claimed was targeted at quelling the #ENDSARS protests across the country.

It described the planned decision as contrary to international law, saying it would further add to the gruesome bloodletting by the discredited SARS operatives.

The group, in a statement by the Principal Secretary to the Directorate of State, Ms. Christy Ekama and Director of Communication, Yoruba One Voice, Mr Zacheus Somorin, said it would hold the Buhari administration and its officials responsible for any killings occasioned by the deployment of the Armed Forces.

The statement reads in part: “We read with shock and dismay the plan by the Federal Government to deploy the Armed Forces under the guise of “Operation Crocodile Smile” with the sole aim to quell the popular #ENDSARS protests across the country.

“The protests are a clear testament to failure of leadership. We fully endorse the #ENDSARS protests. We commend Nigerian youths for again rising to the occasion to redirect the drifting ship of state.

“The Federal Government must immediately rescind its decision to deploy the Armed Forces to truncate legitimate protests by Nigerians. This is contrary to international law.

We will hold the Buhari Administration and its officials responsible for any killings occasioned by the deployment of the Armed Forces to quell legitimate civil protests.

“We call on the United Nations and the international community to take particular interest in the #ENDSARS protests and the planned deployment of the Armed Forces, and to hold Nigerian officials to account for any infringement of civil rights.

“The Armed Forces must be reminded that their loyalty is to the Nigerian state. The era of regime protection is gone forever.

“We commend Nigerian youths for their courage and sacrifices in the face of police brutality, joblessness, insecurity, extra-judicial killings and hopelessness.

“We stand in solidarity with you in the struggle for a better future.”






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