Success Vs Failure, The Mechanism

A man’s mind consists of both a success mechanism and a failure mechanism. The failure mechanism is the temptation to do that which is less stressful, not demanding, not stretching, to do that which is fun, fair and easy to attain the desired height, rather than to do what is hard and necessary for lasting success.
The failure mechanism operates AUTOMATICALLY in the human mind, which is the major reason why most persons do not fulfil their individual goals and potentials.
This is not the human’s fault, because we live naturally in the realms of our 5 senses, which are;
What we can see, feel, hear, touch and taste.
This 5 sense makes it automatic for every man to naturally drift towards that what is less stressful, not demanding and to follow that path which is fun.
Brian Tracy in his immortal words describes this as “the path of least resistance”.
The success mechanism on the other hand is activated and pioneered by a goal, a man is said to have overridden his automatic failure mechanism when he sets a goal and starts to work towards its accomplishment.
Just recently in the concluded US election, Trump was just a bull in total. If Biden had allowed the fear of Trump’s talking dominance, he clearly would give in and just let the election pass him bye.
Also, a success mechanism requires not just hard work but smart work, you need to be loyal to your goals and not compromise it for something less that may come your way. Success comes with patience.
Fear has been recognized to be one of the reasons why most persons do actually succumb to our 5 senses in plying the path of “least resistance”.
Usually fear of the unknown, fear of loss of friends, loss of money or love.
Zig Ziglar defined fear to have two meanings. ‘Forgot Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise’.
When you choose the to work with the later, that is SUCCESS.
The only way to conquer the failure mechanism is to choose and face that which seems to be hard and necessary.

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