The Reading Public Have Been Following On The Story Of How A Notorious Woman Police Officer, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Criminally Used Her Position To Steal And Divert A Bus To Her Own.

The Imo State Commissioner Of Police Weighed Into The Matter After Petitions Were Forwarded To His Office, Force Headquarters And Police Service Commission And Ordered Full Scale Investigation Into The Matter. The Victim, Mr

Uzoma Iwuala Was Invited, And The Rogue Police Sergeant, Ijeoma Oruche Was Equally Summoned.
After Proper Investigation, The Police Command Has Confirmed That The Victim, Uzoma Iwuala Was Unduly Cheated And Defrauded By The Police Sergeant, Ijeoma Oruche.
The Bus In Question Has Been Retrieved By The Police, And It Is Expected That In The Coming Days, The Rogue Police Woman, Ijeoma Oruche Will Be Prosecuted For Her Crimes, After Paying For The Eight Weeks She Diverted The Bus To Her Private Business.
I Rest My Pen
Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
Fcai, Mkda ( Ekenwohia Ndigbo)
Following The Exposure Of A Criminal In Police Uniform, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche , Who Specializes In Using Her Husband (Chidi Oruche) To Entrap Unsuspecting Members Of The Public Who Are Into Bus Transportation, Before
Diverting Their Vehicles, The Imo State Commissioner Of Police Has Formally Stepped Into The Matter.
It Will Be Recalled That About Two Weeks Ago (08/11/2020), I Exposed The Criminal In Police Uniform, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche, By Alerting The Public Of Her Clandestine Criminal Activities. I Followed It Up With Petitions To Force Headquarters And Police Service Commission.
Also, I Directed The Latest Victim (Uzoma Iwuala) To Petition The Imo State Commissioner Of Police.
After Studying The Petition And Confirming The Injustice Meted Out To The Victim, The Police Commissioner Has Directed The Deputy Commissioner Of Police (CID Department) To Take Action On The Matter.
Consequently, The Deputy Commissioner Of Police (CID Department) Has Formally Invited Mr Uzoma Iwuala To Come And See Him Tomorrow, Tuesday 24/11/2020.
This Is Therefore To Inform The Public That I Will Accompany Mr Uzoma Iwuala On This Invitation To See The Deputy Commissioner Of Police (CID Department). I Am Standing By/With Him 100 Percent On This Matter.
Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Is A Rotten Bad Egg In The Nigeria Police Force. She Is Not Worthy To Be Called A Police Officer. She Is Indeed A Thief.
Injustice To One Person, Is Injustice To Everybody.
I Rest My Pen.
Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai, Mkda (Ekenwohia Ndigbo)
Life Is Easy And Simple When One Is Transparent, Honest, Trustworthy And God Fearing. But It Becomes Burdensome When One Is Fraudulent, Dishonest, Criminally Minded, Fetish And Disrespectful To God.
To This End, Almighty God Gave Consent To The Regulation Of Human Activities. That Is Why We Have Government And Leadership In All Aspect Of Human Management And Activities.
Within The Government Circle, There Are Constituted Agencies That Ensure Human Life And Properties Are Secured And Protected, While Criminal Elements In The Society Are Fished Out For Necessary Disciplinary Action.
The Police Is One Of These Agencies. Unfortunately, The Police, Rather Than Fight Crime In The Society, Has Been Aiding And Abetting Criminal Activities.
As A Tested And Trusted Sociopolitical Crusader In This Country, Reports, Complaints And Indeed Information Always Come To Me About The Criminal Elements In The Nigeria Police Force : Particularly.
The Imo State Police Command. There Is No Unit Of The Police Command In Imo State I Have Not Exposed Its Corrupt And Criminally Minded Officers. As A Result, Many Have Been Sacked, Demoted, Transferred, Detained, Cautioned Or Even Retired, At My Request And Insistence.
Yet, It Appears The More These Corrupt Officers Are Exposed, That Is The More Other Officers Get Involved In Criminal Activities.
Two Weeks Ago, I Exposed The Criminal Activity Of A Police Officer. Last Week, I Exposed The Criminal Activities Of A Team Of Police Officers. Today, I Am Exposing The Criminal Activity Of A Woman Police Officer……. When Will Officers Of The Imo State Police Command Stop Disgracing The Nigeria Police Force?
I Am Deeply Pained That Despite The Just Ended #EndPoliceCriiminality Protest That Took Place Nationwide, Officers Of The Imo State Police Command Appears To Have Sworn To Continue In Their Criminal Activities.
Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche (07034768153) Is A Police Officer With The Imo State Police Command (CID Department). She Was Formerly At The Nworieubi Police Station, In Mbaitoli LGA Of The State. A Native Of Umuekpere Obazu Mbieri, MbaiItoli LGA, But Married To Mr Chidi Oruche (09061342060) Of Ndianiche Uno Arondiuzogu In Ideato North LGA Of Imo State.
This Woman Police Officer Fronts Her Husband, Mr Chidi Oruche, A Driver, To Unsuspecting Members Of The Public Who Have Interest In Giving Out Buses On Hire-Purchase Bases. She Stands As Surety (Guarantor) For Her Husband, But Few Weeks Or Months After The Bus Is Handed Over To Her Husband, She Turns Around To Claim Ownership, With A False Allegation/Claim That She Gave Large Sums Of Money To Her Husband For The Purchase Of Bus For Transport Business. She Thereafter Uses Her Position As A Police Officer To Harass, Intimidate, Threaten And Frighten The Original Bus Owner.
Through This Fraudulent Scheme, She Has Criminally Diverted And Acquired Many Buses That Ply The Road And Render Accounts To Her.
Her Latest Criminal Exploit Of Fraudulently Diverting A HIJET DAIHATSU MINI BUS WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER NKR 754 XA, ENGNE NUMBER KFVE 658. CHASSIS NUMBER S321V00756350, COLOUR CUSTOM MADE, Property Of Mr Uzoma Iwuala, A Law Abiding Citizen Of Imo State, Was What Exposed Her Clandestine Criminal Activities.. She Is Not Worthy To Remain A Police Officer, And She Will Be Prosecuted.
On The 6Th Of June 2020, Mr Uzoma Iwuala Rented His Bus Out To Mr Chidi Oruche On A Hire-Purchase Agreement. By The Terms Of Agreement, He Was Not To Sublet The Mini Bus To Another Person, And Was Originally Expected To Be Rendering A Weekly Account Of N25, 000. However. The Amount Was Later Reduced To N15, 000 Per Week Due To His Plea That Human Traffic Was Less On The Road, As A Result Of Lockdown And None Resumption Of Schools At The Time.
The Person Who Stood As Guarantor (Surety) For Mr Chidi Oruche Was No Less A Person Than His Wife, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche, An Officer With The Nigeria Police Force, Imo State Police Command.
In A Clandestinely Played Out Script To Divert The Bus, Mr Uzoma Iwuala Received A Phone Call On The 2nd Of October 2020 That The Said Bus Has Been Taken Away From Mr Chidi Oruche By His Own Wife And Guarantor, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche, Who Was Claiming That The Bus Belonged To Her And That Her Husband Bought The Bus With Money She Gave To Him.
The Matter Eventually Was Reported To The CID Department Of The State Police Command.
At The CID Unit, Mr Uzoma Iwuala Was Able To Prove Beyond Every Reasonable Doubt That The Bus Belong To Him.
He Went With All The Original Papers Which Indicated The Vehicle Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Etc.
On Her Part, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Could Not Provide Any Document To Claim Ownership, Except The Photocopy Of The Vehicle Licence Which Mr Uzoma Iwuala Gave To Her Husband (The Bus Driver), Which Also Bears The Name Of Mr Uzoma Iwuala.
At That Point, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Conceded That The Mini Bus Belongs To Mr Uzoma Iwuala. She Was Asked To Return The Bus To Mr Uzoma Iwuala.
However, More Than Six Weeks After The Ownership Of The Bus Was Established, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Has Blatantly Refused To Return The Vehicle To The Owner, Mr Uzoma Iwuala.
Rather, She Is Claiming And Insisting That Her Husband, Mr Chidi Oruche, Who Is The Driver Of The Said Bus Must First Refund Her The Sum Of N700, 000, Being Sum Of Money She Claimed To Have Given To Him.
The Husband Lives In The Same House With Her.
While This Clandestine Diversionary Measure Is Taking Place, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Gave Out The Bus To Her Younger Brother, One Chinedu Opara, To Be Driving And Rendering Account To Her. Meanwhile, The Bus Owner, Me Uzoma Iwuala, Have Continued To Loose Revenue In The Past Six Weeks And Still Counting.
Through This Clandestine Criminal Scheme, Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Has Reportedly Used Her Driver Husband, Mr Chidi Oruche, To Fraudulently Acquire Over Twelve (12) Buses, Which Are On The Road, And All Of Them Allegedly Renders Accounts To Her. While Original Owners Are At The Receiving End And Constantly Being Threatened With Police Arrest.
One Thing Is Very Obvious And Clear : Sergeant Ijeoma Oruche Has Been Able To Carry Out Her Criminal Activities Unchallenged In The State Because Her Equally Corrupt And Fraudulent Colleagues Were Providing Cover And Protection For Her.
Today, Today, Today, Today, Today, Today, Today, I Say TODAY, The Chicken Has Come Home To Roost.
I Will Deal Ruthlessly, Mercilessly And Decisively With Her And Her Mafia Gang.
She Is A Criminal, And Not Worthy To Remain In The Nigeria Police Force….. She Must Be Prosecuted.
I Rest Pen.
Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai, Mkda (Ekenwohia Ndigbo)

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